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So you’re starting to learn another language…or once upon a time, you studied another language in school for a year or two or three, and you can’t remember a thing. But you want to try again.

The FLLO was designed just for you. It's a collection of short, easy-to-read articles on popular and familiar topics. Every article is in English and at least one other language (French, German, Spanish or Russian).

No grammar lessons here—just reading for fun. Movies, books, sports, history--you're sure to find something you like.

  • - Read a summary of a popular movie in French.
  • - Browse a bit of history in Russian and pick up a new word or phrase.
  • - Read about a famous place in Spanish.
  • - Check out the “Who Is This?” section--read some clues in German and see if you can guess who the famous person is, before you get to the answer at the end.

As of 2019, we've been online for 9 years--more than 800 articles in the library, and still growing!

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