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There are 3 levels of difficulty:

  • - NEW! The Foyer is the entrance to the library. Articles here are no more than 50 words long, and they are the easiest ones to read.

  • - The 1st floor has articles that are 100 to 200 words in length. Those articles are a little harder than the Foyer articles.

  • - The 2nd floor articles are 200 to 300 words in length, and more challenging than the 1st Floor articles.

Some articles also have audio files that go along with them. If you see a speaker icon at the end of the article name (Audio) followed by French, Russian, German, Spanish or English, at the end of the article you'll see an audio player.

Tip: listen to the audio file while reading along with the article--then try listening to the audio file without looking, and see if you can understand most of it.

There are general topics, like History and Music and Movies--but there's also a special topic, "We Didn't Start The Fire". That topic is based on the 1989 Billy Joel song of the same name.
The lyrics are a list of more than 100 events in the headlines between 1949 (when Billy Joel was born) to 1989 (when Joel turned 40). Each event is its own article.
Not all the song articles have been written and linked yet--but we're adding new ones regularly.