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12 Years A Slave

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Audio S

1912 The RMS Titanic   Audio F

1918 The Influenza Pandemic

1980 Miracle on Ice  Audio F S

2008 U.S. Presidential Election  Audio F S

2009 U.S. Ship Hijacked by Somali Pirates

2010 Earthquake in Haiti  Audio F S

2010 Polish President Killed in Plane Crash  Audio F

2012 The Man Who Fell From The Sky

2013 Boston Marathon Bombing

2013 Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady

2013 The Death of Nelson Mandela

2013 Woman Swims from Cuba To Florida Audio S

2014 Scotland Votes “No” on Independence

2014 Wedding Bells For Two Famous Couples

2015 The Mission To Pluto

2016 The Brexit Vote

300 Audio S

50 First Dates

Alcatraz Prison

Angela Merkel

Avatar  Audio F S



Big Audio F S

Big Ben

Bob Marley


Bruno Mars

Buddy Holly

Calvin and Hobbes

Carrie Fisher

Casablanca Audio S

Catch Me If You Can

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlotte's Web

Christ The Redeemer Statue

David Bowie

Debbie Reynolds

Die Hard

Disneyland Audio F S

Divergent Audio S

Dr. Seuss

E.T. The Extraterrestrial  Audio F

Edgar Allan Poe Audio S

Edinburgh Castle

Edward Kennedy  Audio F S

Einstein Audio S

Elvis Presley  Audio F

Eurovision Song Contest

Fahrenheit 451

Female Justices of the United States Supreme Court Audio F S

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Field of Dreams  Audio F S

FIFA World Cup

Finding Dory

Finding Nemo Audio S

First Airplane Flight Audio S

Four Faces on the Mountain Audio S

Frank Sinatra


Ghost  Audio F S


Great Inventions: The Printing Press

H.G. Wells Audio S

Harry Connick, Jr.

Heath Ledger

Helen Keller Audio S

Highest Mountain in the World Audio S

History of the Winter Olympic Games

Inside Out

Iron Man Audio F

J.K. Rowling

Jack Kerouac

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul

James Dean

Jaws Audio S

Justin Timberlake

King of The Blues

Lady Gaga Audio S

Lance Armstrong  Audio F

Life in 1909

Life of Pi

Lionel Messi

Little Women Audio F

Marilyn Monroe Audio S

Mark Twain

Mary Poppins

Michael Jackson  Audio F

Michael Phelps

Mickey Mantle

Moonshot (Landing On The Moon)

Mother Teresa

Mount Fuji

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Doubtfire

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nat King Cole

Niagara Falls

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Notre Dame Cathedral Audio S

Old Yeller


Pelé Audio S

Peter Pan

Plane Crash in the Hudson River  Audio F


Prince Ludwig and Neuschwanstein

Princess Grace

Rafael Nadal  Audio F

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima


Robin Williams

Rock Around The Clock


Rosa Parks

Serena Williams


Sleepless in Seattle

Some Like It Hot


Susan B. Anthony

Susan Boyle: I Dreamed a Dream  Audio F

Taylor Swift

The Beatles

The Berlin Wall  Audio F

The Bourne Identity

The Charge of the Light Brigade

The Colosseum

The Diary of Anne Frank  Audio F

The Gift of the Magi

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Grand Canyon

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Wall of China

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

The Hindenburg Disaster

The Hollywood Sign

The Hunger Games Audio S

The Indianapolis 500

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Little Prince

The Man Who Broke The Color Barrier

The Man Who Had a Dream

The Nobel Prize

The Notebook Audio F

The Parent Trap

The Shawshank Redemption  Audio F

The Sixth Sense

The Smithsonian

The Sound of Music  Audio F

The Spirit of St. Louis

The Statue of Liberty

The Sydney Opera House

The Underground Railroad

The Wizard of Oz  Audio F S

Thomas Edison

Three Cups of Tea  Audio F

Tiger Woods

To Kill A Mockingbird  Audio F

Tour de France  Audio F

Tower Bridge

Toy Story Audio S

Toy Story 3

Twelve Angry Men

Twilight  Audio F S

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption

Usain Bolt

Walter Winchell

Who Is This? #01

Who Is This? #02

Who Is This? #03

Who Is This? #04

Who Is This? #05

Who Is This? #06

Who Is This? #07

Who Is This? #08

Who Is This? #09

Who Is This? #10

Who Is This? #11

Who Is This? #12

Who Is This? #14

Who Is This? #15

Women in Space

Woodstock  Audio F

World War I


You've Got Mail