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12 Years A Slave

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Audio S

1912 The RMS Titanic   Audio F

1915 The Sinking of The Lusitania

1918 The Influenza Pandemic

1980 Miracle on Ice  Audio F S

2008 U.S. Presidential Election  Audio F S

2010 Earthquake in Haiti  Audio F S

2010 Polish President Killed in Plane Crash  Audio F

2010 Rescue of 33 Chilean Miners

2011 A Royal Wedding

2013 Boston Marathon Bombing

2013 Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady

2013 The Death of Nelson Mandela

2013 Woman Swims from Cuba To Florida Audio S

2014 Scotland Votes “No” on Independence

2014 Wedding Bells For Two Famous Couples

2015 The Mission To Pluto

2016 The Brexit Vote

2016 Zika Virus

300 Audio S

50 First Dates

Alcatraz Prison

Avatar  Audio F S



Big Audio F S

Big Ben

Bob Marley


Bruno Mars

Calvin and Hobbes

Casablanca Audio S

Catch Me If You Can

César Chávez Audio S

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlotte's Web

David Bowie

Die Hard

Disneyland Audio F S

Divergent Audio S

Dr. Seuss

Edgar Allan Poe Audio S

Edinburgh Castle

Edward Kennedy  Audio F S

Einstein Audio S

Ellis Island

Elton John Audio S

Elvis Presley  Audio F

Eurovision Song Contest

Fahrenheit 451

Female Justices of the United States Supreme Court Audio F S

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Field of Dreams  Audio F S

FIFA World Cup

Finding Dory

Finding Nemo Audio S

First Airplane Flight Audio S

Four Faces on the Mountain Audio S

Frank Sinatra


Gabriel García Márquez Audio S

Ghost  Audio F S


Great Inventions: The Printing Press

H.G. Wells Audio S

Hans Christian Andersen

Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Houdini

Harry Truman

Helen Keller Audio S

Highest Mountain in the World Audio S

History of the Winter Olympic Games

Hula Hoop Audio S

Inside Out

Iron Man Audio F

J.K. Rowling

James Dean

Jaws Audio S

Justin Timberlake

King of The Blues

Lady Gaga Audio S

Lance Armstrong  Audio F

Life in 1909

Lionel Messi

Little Rock

Little Women Audio F


Maria Sharapova

Marilyn Monroe Audio S

Mark Twain

Mary Poppins

Michael Jackson  Audio F

Moonshot (Landing On The Moon)

Mother Teresa

Mount Fuji

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Doubtfire

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nat King Cole

Niagara Falls

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Notre Dame Cathedral Audio S

Old Yeller


Pelé Audio S

Plane Crash in the Hudson River  Audio F


Prince Ludwig and Neuschwanstein

Princess Grace

Rafael Nadal  Audio F

Richard Nixon

Robin Williams

Rock Around The Clock


Rosa Parks

Serena Williams


Sleepless in Seattle

Some Like It Hot


Susan B. Anthony

Susan Boyle: I Dreamed a Dream  Audio F

Taylor Swift

The Beatles

The Berlin Wall  Audio F

The Bourne Identity

The Charge of the Light Brigade

The Colosseum

The Diary of Anne Frank  Audio F

The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

The Gift of the Magi

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Grand Canyon

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Wall of China

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

The Hindenburg Disaster

The Hollywood Sign

The Hunger Games Audio S

The Indianapolis 500

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Louvre

The Man Who Had a Dream

The Nobel Prize

The Notebook Audio F

The Parent Trap

The Shawshank Redemption  Audio F

The Sixth Sense

The Smithsonian

The Sound of Music  Audio F

The Spirit of St. Louis

The Statue of Liberty

The Sydney Opera House

The Taj Mahal

The Underground Railroad

The Wizard of Oz  Audio F S

Thomas Edison

Three Cups of Tea  Audio F

Tiger Woods

To Kill A Mockingbird  Audio F

Tour de France  Audio F

Tower Bridge

Toy Story Audio S

Toy Story 3

Twelve Angry Men

Twilight  Audio F S

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption

Usain Bolt

Walter Winchell

Where The Wild Things Are

Who Is This? #01

Who Is This? #02

Who Is This? #04

Who Is This? #05

Who Is This? #06

Who Is This? #07

Who Is This? #08

Who Is This? #09

Who Is This? #10

Who Is This? #11

Who Is This? #12

Who Is This? #13

Who Is This? #14

Who Is This? #15

Woodstock  Audio F

World War I


You've Got Mail